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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do I need to know for my template?
    If you have any questions you can text UMG at 408-234-6405 or call us at 408-347-3300. 1) A person of authority (18+ years old) must be on-site at all times for all final signoffs and approvals of project details. All jobs include one template and one installation trip unless otherwise specified. No show will result in a trip charge for a new visit and and a reschedule to the next available date. If the customer is late it will be at UMG discretion how long we can possibly wait before leaving to make it to our next appointment. 2) Cabinets, end panels, trim pieces and all areas templated around CAN NOT BE MOVED AFTER TEMPLATE! 3) We will contact you the business day before the template with our two hour window of arrival. Template time is dependent on factors such as location, jobsite conditions, job complexity, acts of God and power outages. 4) All cabinets must be permanently fixed, installed and level to within a 1/8" on a 9 foot run. UMG is not responsible for pre-checking or leveling any cabinets. All end panels, finish caps and trim pieces must be installed and in place before template. 5) Existing countertops must be removed prior to template by others unless United Marble & Granite is contracted to perform the tear-out and removal of existing countertops. If UMG is contracted to perform your tear-out, please see our tear-out information in our FAQ. 6) Plywood should be installed before template on all orders with 2 centimeter thick stones that have a lamination if UMG is not ordered to install the plywood. Plywood must be installed before installation on all orders with 2 centimeter thick stones that have a lamination. See below for choosing the correct plywood thickness. 7) All new or existing undermount/top-set sinks, faucets & appliances must be on-site at template. These items must not be installed. The only exception is that any farm/farmhouse/apron sinks must be installed and in final position for us to template around. All undermount and certain top-set sinks must be brought with us back to our fabrication facility for precision cutting. The order will be on hold without the sink, the sink will need to be shipped to us or dropped off at our facility if was not on-site at the template and we needed to bring it with us for cutting. 8) It is the homeowners responsibility to verify and "dry fit" test all appliances, sinks and plumbing fixtures to verify that they fit in their associated cabinets and notify UMG of any special requirements at template day. If items are not available on template day, customer must specify to UMG where to cut the stone in order to avoid a re-template fee to double check. 9) All appliances in the area templated should be on-site, if they are not on-site we will need the manufacturers information printed out for our measuring technician about the model which you can commonly find their website. 10) Cabinet appliance garages which will rest on countertops can not be installed before template. 11) Customer must provide UMG crews adequate access to work area, water, electricity, area to make stones cuts, parking and a safe path to access the work area. 12) Customer must remove all pets, infants, small children and those with medical conditions from the work area due to noise, power tools, electrical cords, sharp/heavy objects, stone/dust debris, water buckets and other items. 13) Our trade license does not cover any work relating to electrical, drywall, moving of customer items or appliance installation. 14) Customer is required to turn off all HVAC systems prior to UMG installation or tear-out appointments. It is recommended the customer cover areas and close doorways as well.
  • What do I need to have prepared before my tear-out?
    1) Please prepare the following before the arrival of our demolition team: A) Remove all fragile items in the work area. B) Turn HVAC off, cover areas, close doorways and/or any items so that stone dust is contained as best as possible to the work area. C) Remove all drawers, utensils and other items from base cabinets. D) Disconnect and remove all existing faucets, sinks and appliances (stoves, cooktops, ovens, microwaves etc...) E) If sink trapped under the countertop and part of the demo area, disconnect garbage disposal, faucet, airgap etc... connections. F) Disconnect and remove any under cabinet lighting units if blocking backsplash from being removed. G) Disconnect and remove any electrical outlets, switches, plates that are in the tear-out area. 2) Tear-outs performed by UMG only include removal of existing countertops (and splashes if paid for), hauling them away and disposal. 3) We do not do any work relating to plumbing, electrical, drywall or moving of the customers items. 4) We take great care to ensure that the cabinets, backsplash and items left in the area remain in tact during the removal process but we do not guarantee the integrity of these things will remain in tact during tear-out. 5) After tear-out, UMG is not responsible for leveling the cabinets, painting substrate, scribing underlayment's with trim, plane down substrate areas etc... 6) During tile backsplash removal sometimes the sheetrock behind the backsplash may come out with the tile splash. It is the homeowner's responsibility to replace this sheetrock if it comes off with the tile splash, sometimes the new splash can cover small missing areas. 7) UMG will not preserve or guarantee existing tile backsplashes, certain areas of counters or certain areas of the target tear-out area. Notify us immediately if you are trying to perform only a deck tear-out and trying to preserve certain areas. 8) If the existing sink is trapped under the countertop or a top-set sink is not removed by the customer, UMG will not be held responsible for damaging the sink. The sink is considered part of the demo area, we will do our best, but plan on purchasing a new sink as a backup. 9) After removing existing countertop, the unexposed cabinet face frame may expose the following pre-existing items: cut score marks, nails, staples, separation, past water damage etc... The exposed face frame may need refinishing performed by others. 10) UMG will take precautions for stone dust collection; however, there will be residual stone dust and some debris present after tear-out.
  • How long is a countertop template?
    Most countertop templates take approximately an hour, larger orders may require more time due to the size of the project.
  • What is our lead time from template to installation?
    Normal fabrication time can vary, but it normally averages between 3-4 weeks from when released into fabrication. Jobs that are larger or more complex may require more fabrication time. Fabrication can not begin until all project details have been finalized, approved and any changes to your order's cost have been approved by point of sale. Missing physical items such as sinks, appliance information and other missing items may delay the start of fabrication. Any delays in customer approval of orders (including layout approvals) may delay fabrication.
  • What should I know if there is a change order after template?
    After template completion, a change order may be initiated if there are any deviations from the original project specifications. UMG will contact the point of sale with any pricing changes due to specification changes, additions, subtractions or variations in square footage. If the pricing comes out to higher than what was paid, the customer should pay the difference as soon as possible in order to avoid the job being on hold which will delay fabrication.
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